Welcome to the Slow Bouquet, made from flowers grown on farms near
 Madison, Wisconsin, assembled using sustainable materials. 

75% of cut flowers sold in the US are imported, often coming from growing fields where fair labor practices are not the norm.  Imported flowers are fumigated at the border to pass through US customs, and even more chemicals are used to preserve them for their long journey.  At the flower stores, they are often arranged using carcinogenic floral foam, which is not biodegradable. 

There is an alternative.  Become a locaflore!

                     Farm To Vase®
              Local, Seasonal, Sustainable Floral Design
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Welcome to the Slow Bouquet made from flowers grown in dirt, under the sun, within 50 miles of Madison, Wisconsin. 

While modern practices in the floral industry provide us with colorful, "perfect" and showy arrangments, there is a cost to our environment and our health.  Most cut flowers sold in the United States are imported, and often fumigated at the border to pass through US customs.  Fair labor practices in these growing fields are not the norm.  Once the flowers arrive at your local store, they are arranged using floral foam that is carcinogenic and not biodegradable.

  Let Farm To Vase show you a beautiful and responsible alternative! 

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